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whether to the level to buy yandex, concerned about the energy situation in germany, yeah, i mean maybe not time to pick things up. i agree with warren buffett. not hard to do, obviously, given his long-term track record. this is where you pick. you're getting a chance. he had a big sell-off friday afternoon and he kind of rallied in the last half hour. if we get those prices again at 330, count me in. count me in. >> fixing my collar here. always important that you look well in the morning when delivering and trying to opine and provide insight. >> the clothes make the man. >> of course on that note, studying up on ukraine and crimea and russia's history with it, and what khrushchev did in '54, whether he gave to them, whether thhe didn't want to dea with it. this forces money manages are to hit the history books. >> my producer, ukraine is -- actually i read the stories, warren's say, remember, 50% of the whole country is russian and the crimea is russian. so, this is kind of a -- apparently there's questions about resources and they use a lot of water in crimea. >> ukraine. >> a lot
and energy expansion cancelling preparations for a g8 summit in sochi, russia are temporary and could be reveersed. if the united states and its western allies hit russia with economic sanctions or deny moscow access to global financial networks and key international bank accounts the damage to the russian economy could be longlasting and it could put u.s.-russian relations in the deepest, most confrontational stance they've been in the entire obama presidency. some believe putin has overplayed his hand and will not fire shots in crimea and will not move his forces into less friendly parts of ukraine. with canada great britain, france, and germany all against russia moscow's own status in the g8 is also in jeopardy. these nations are also preparing, along with the united states, an economic package to rescue the transitional and fragile government in ukraine itself. the united states doesn't need or want to punish russia necessarily for this violation of the international law. it wants moscow to back off and ease the tensions. right now, as elizabeth palmer ju
and the moist flow will be here for the better part of the week but we can not have energy in the atmosphere and this will translate into rain so you can see the rain to the north with light-to-moderate rain developing headed into the heart of the bay by 1:00 o'clock, and the light-to-moderate rain stays to the north and the lighter more steady rain moving into the south bay. by noon, we it is transferring over and then there will be scattered showers and temperatures warmer than today. 1" to 2" of rain in the north bay and three-quarters around the bay and .1" in 9 south bay a storm where you will get rain. the seven-day outlook shows temperatures at two to four degrees warmer today and wednesday we are dry and pushing near 70 inland and everyone else in the 60's and showers likely on thursday and on friday, saturday, and sunday near 70 away from the coast where we will be in the low-to-mid 60's. it is dry now. watch out in the north bay. sue? >> good morning, everyone, we have a decent commute on major freeways, with something happening on the surface streets. we have an irrigation pipe br
? >> yes, some of them will work, there's no question about that. it's just a question of how much energy is going to be put into the device to get it to work. what's going to be the most energy efficient way to do this, because remember, we have to get the craft up there that's going to do the work, we have to give it capability to maneuver around in space. once the technology that's going to be used to remove something from orbit, one of the ideas of attaching a tether so it builds friction and pulls the object down is not such a bad idea, because it doesn't require a lot of material to do that. if you could just push something out of orbit, that might not be a bad idea, because it may not require a large energy budget to make that work. you keep the expenses down in energy and materials and get the job done, it's just that those methods are slow and there's a lot of material that needs to be cleaned up. if there was a faster way to do it, that might be better. >> boy, that's certainly a big problem. nasa's budget was just announced or at least what they're hoping for the budget the nex
significant things in that the military intervention threatens to derail energy under vegan. -- intervention. the key pipelines that go from russia into europe through ukraine. we have seen energy analysts saying that it could affect gas prices as far away as great britain. >> and not to mention supply routes as well for troops in afghanistan. how is it then that vladimir putin feels he has the upper hand, that the international community is impotent? >> i think there is very little militarily that the international community can do. when the kremlin has sent troops across the border in the past of the u.s. and its allies cried foul before. we saw this in 1979, we find thousand eight -- we saw in 2008, but no military action was taken. it is not clear they will go further than seizing crimea, but there is very little beyond diplomatic and economic isolation that the rest of the world can do at this point. it remains to be seen how the ripple effects are going to affect the economy, and also diplomatic ties with russia which we need for other reasons like iran and syria. indira joining us on
's something positive being generated in california. when ordinary energy is put in the hands of extraordinary people, amazing things happen. the kind of things that drive us to do more, to go further, to be better. we're dedicated to being a company you can count on, because you've always been customers we believe in. your energy plus ours. together, there's no limit to what we can achieve. >>> and the oscar goes to, anthony hopkins. [ applause ] ♪ >> all right, gentlemen, fire away. [ speaking foreign language ] [ speaking foreign language ] >> what is the thing you love most in your life? >> privacy. >> what is the thing you wish to have most in your life? >> privacy. >> you want to say something in spanish? >> i don't speak spanish. >> how do i feel? fine. how are you? >> i don't know what i'm doing here. i didn't win anything. >> oh, yes. >> sorry, yes, yes. >> what is your feeling about oscars and what they mean in this community? >> it's exhilarating. it's good to be recognized by your peers. have you heard that before? >> as the show progresses, the room fills up with losers. for eve
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program and washington said it should be allowed to produce energy. mr. obama will hold a similar meeting with the president in two weeks. orthodox jews were in west jerusalem over the weekend. they were protesting a law being debated in the israeli parliament with men to be drafted into military service and orthodox jews have been exempt and they want to keep it that way. >> it's important to tell the state of isreal that we are opposed to their political philosophies that we feel that the contribution that the elements of society are making will help the army and through our contributions and the religious spectrum we are arm and arm with the army, helping the state of israel. >> reporter: the new legislation is expected to pass in the next few weeks. ultra orthodox jews makeup 10% of israel's population. a california state lawmaker facing corruption charges says he is taking a paid leave of absence and he is accused of accepting about 100,000 in bribes including meals and golf games in exchange for his political influence. he is pleading not guilty. and he is the second california sta
food to energy, and help mike do manly things, like wrestle bears and take out the garbage. get $2 off at >>> coming up, who knew. >> which awards statue is the heaviest, the emmy, golden globe, oscar and tony. >> the answer after your local news. >> can't wait. ♪ ♪ ♪ >>> we are back with more of "today" on this winesday wednesday. we are ready to play a trivia game called who knew. with the academy awards coming up, we are about to test your knowledge of all things oscar. kathie lee will be on the red carpet. she's ready to hand out 100 bucks to those who don't get it right. those who don't, they get a kathie lee cd. that's just sad. here to help me out is entertainment weekly senior writer, tim stack. >> i'm old. >> tim, first we asked the question before the break. here is the question. >> yeah. >> which award is the heaviest, the emmy, golden globe, oscar or tony. tim, what is the answer? >> hoda, the envelope please. >> oh. >> yes. oh. >> what is it? >> the answer is the oscar. the oscar. >> and why? >> it is 8.5 pounds. that's about what i lift normally. that's
's a tomb. the department of energy opened it to house the by-products of nuclear weapons, research and production. it's supposed to entomb those materials, transuranic waste for 10,000 years, until the year 11,999 ad. if, as reports suggest, the place failed, it has failed already it reached even a quarter of 1% of its total life span. i spoke with an academic who visited the facility and he described a group of panels, six rooms the size of football fields. at the end barrels of radioactive trash sits on pallets and over the course of 75 years of the ceilings are supposed to collapse, burying the barrels for all time. it's not clear how radiation may have gotten loose. the site was chosen for its geological ability. there's no groundwater. there's salt in the soil. the workers are in close proximity to the radioactive nearly, they'd quickly be exposed. this is a unique facility, nowhere else is there a permanent centralized resting place, a deep geological repost itry. this is a place where the planning and resources the federal government were gathered in one place. unfortunatel
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of the whole thing. >> feeling the energy that comes from the stage with these guys, these musicians is a rush. >> and in his case, renewable. he is on a first name basis with bands and earned the access for talent. >> i do not play guitar. >> i do not play drums. >> i play the camera. >> does he ever. chances are you don't know his name, but his work, iconic. it is part of an ever growing archive. >> this night it is a packed theater in oakland for an off shoot of the osmond brother bands. he has been sticking cameras in his face since the early 1980s. until this moment, he had not seen the latest pictures in the eighth and newest book called "jam." an insid rock at rock and roll concerts as performance art. >> i am capturing energy and music in a fraction of a second. >> he began doing this at 16 years old. he was a kid with his dad's camera at al grateful dead concert who made friends with the band and years later earned enough trust to shoot this famous portrait of jerry garcia. >> they gave me 90 seconds to do the portrait. >> no portrait happens easily and he had a special idea. >> i wil
is in the top 50, i think. the larger point is energy and sitting on a bunch of oil is not where the action is. there is action obviously in tech. there are more new retail billionaires than tech. 35 retail billionaires. the business of buying things is still very good. >> mark zuckerberg last year worth $13.3 billion and this year $28.5. >> nobody in the world made more money in the past 12 months than mark zuckerberg. >> he is 29, everybody. incredible. randall, a great issue. thanks so much. "forbes" billionaire's list is out now. >>> david remnick was the bureau chief for "the post" in washington in moscow and he joins us with his thoughts on ukraine straight ahead. take a closer look at your fidelity green line and you'll see just how much it has to offer, especially if you're thinking of moving an old 401(k) to a fidelity ira. it gives you a wide range of investment options... and the free help you need to make sure your investments fit your goals -- and what you're really investing for. tap into the full power of your fidelity green line. call today and we'll make it easy to move that o
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, other parts of california, too. but it's on the move. all that energy has its target on washington, d.c., parts of west virginia, kentucky. this thing is not just snow, it's sleet and a whole lot of mess. let's get to gio. he'll bring us the rest of the story. good morning, gio. >> reporter: hey, ginger, good morning to you from the famous "rocky" steps. you can see these plows working here in philadelphia. we're seeing a mix of snow and sleet here in philly. and all across the nation, an icy mess. take a look. this morning, blinding snow. and pounding sleet. >> talk about sleet coming down. >> reporter: attacking half the nation. from texas to oklahoma -- [ thunder claps ] ground-shaking thunder snow. and this rare sight in norman, oklahoma. thunder sleet lightning. in southern illinois, car windshields transforming into blinding sheets of solid ice. in wichita, kansas, an ice road nightmare. hundreds of weather-related accidents leading to at least eight deaths. in arkansas, this suv losing control and plunging right off a bridge injuring two and killing one. this semi in oklahoma c
4 to almost again 1 in2 inches. when you have this energy at this time of year, severe weather is possible and it is today in eastern texas, parts of arkansas, mississippi, almost the entire state of louisiana. that would be large hail, damaging winds possible and isolated tornado and i mentioned cold because you got to have cold mixing with that warm to get that severe, well, the cold overnight lows you're seei ing there. ah, minneapolis, improvement in the workweek. new york city stays subnormal for sure. 10 is the morning temperature on tuesday. by, you know, starts to go up into the 20s but still this is pretty cold stuff. back to california here, though, as we dry out, just a few lingering showers today. los angeles goes to 62. sacramento, 64. that drying out here is not so much in the pacific northwest, you see a few of those showers but oscar sunday itself, looking pretty good. i don't think a whole lot of folks will have problems on the red carpet. temperature will be 62. wins won't be all that bad. just to give you an idea of what's happening here. we'll be tracking th
talk with him. he actually put a big offer on the table, one billion in aid, including energy assistance. just for his arrival, putin took to tv to defend his presence in the crimea region. he called it a unconstitutional coup and any military intervention would be a mu humanitarian mission. >> there's no reset with vladimir putin. he is not going to expect the president to be more flexible after he is re-elected. >> the first shots were fired in the erupting crimea region. video captured russian troops firing warning shots at ukrainian soldiers who marched on an air field to demand their jobs back. let's gets more from kiev with ian williams. what type of reaction are they getting from the people on the ground in ukraine? >> reporter: hello from from a damp and foggy kiev. the initial reaction has been good to the visit and offer the aid. kerry said he was coming as a gesture of support to the interim ukrainian government. he was well received when he visited the barricades that turned into a shrine covered in flowers for those many of whom were shot by snipers during the vio
's not alone. >> hopefully put some good energy into the world and get something back. >> this club has been around for years and several dozen former members are now working. aljazeera, new york. >> to learn more about job clubs and how they can help you, go to our website >> in an hour, we'll get the latest reading on economic growth. governments to slash estimates for 2013. consumers cutting back on their spending. the slowdown in the global economy taking its toll on exports. >> the strength in u.s. manufacturing's going to have to come domesticically. we're not going to see exports grow as strongly as the fourth quarter of 2013, putting strain on manufacturing, along with the turn in the u.s. inventory cycle. >> we'll have the gross domestic product report four in our next hour here on aljazeera america. >> wall street is pointing to a lower open ahead of data, dow futures down 22 points. fed chair janet yellen soothing economy concerns yesterday gave stocks a lift, the dow beginning at 16,272, the s&p beginning with a new record high, 1854 and the nasdaq at 431
the world environmentalists who want to raise money and get control over large issues like our entire energy policy. media for sensationalism universities and professors for grants you can't hardly get a science grant these days without saying it has something to do with climate change. it will is a kind of nasty combination of extreme ideology and religious cult all rolled into one. >> moore went on to say a hotter earth would be better for humans. >>> oo it is a free travel frenzy. accepting millions of dollar lashes of free trip. law americas expected $3.7 million in free travel last year. that is according to polytheists lit co money lines. it is the highest amount in a decade. 493 privately funded trips up from 402 in 2012. rules changed back in 2007 which allowed charities to under right travels. many of the nonprofits have political agenda. he wracked up the highest cab last year a 70,000 dollar trip to africa. it spares taxpayers over what he calls highly structured official congressional trips. >> hope he got a good trip. sthooivengs from fox business. >>> 46 after the top of the ho
, and into southwest sections of utah. the windst 48 hours, will grab the energy in circulation and pull it all eastward across the country. it's going to be about time he gets here, as it makes the trip. pull a lot of moisture off the gulf of mexico. what are the temperatures going to be here? warm enough to be rain? cold enough to be snow? a transition? or a mix? we know it will be warm sunday evening. temperatures expected to start falling during the day on monday. the exact track is up in the air. when will enter the system to provide the precipitation. what will it look like? who will get what, and how much? we will not have a clear-cut answer to that until later in the weekend when the storm gets closer. by early on monday morning, the rain will start to change to freezing rain and sleet in the metro areas, as the colder air moves in. that pattern will continue throughout the day, before it ends. the possibility of snow for monday. 45 degree temperatures tomorrow. if you degree temperatures on monday. again, i think the big story on the storm on monday will be the farther north will be co
providing more energy to europe. europe depends on russian gas. putin is banking on that, that europe won't act in this situation. we could start in the long term changing that energy balance. getting more american gas to europe. >> mr. ambassador, where can the west find leverage over russia? the u.s. needs to work with them. it's not an isolated incident. we have syria we have iran. david is just talking about the major economic and energy ties there with europe. so where does the leverage come from? >> i think we should not overstate the problems of pushing back very hard against the russians. the russians, yes, they are trying to be somewhat helpful in our conversations with iran. and we need them to do something on syria, but they've not been key to either of these. certainly not on the iran side. we can deal with the iran negotiations on nuclear, without the russians. so i don't think we should be constrained by other issues to a great degree. and pushinging back very hard against this russian aggression. >> david, do you get the sense that president putin wants to actually claim cr
they crashed twitter with that retweet. they were all in such a good mood last night, the energy was fantastic and it really translated to the tv. >> reporter: i don't want to call myself a thief but i did get you a gift. >> you didn't steal that oscar. >> reporter: and the oscar goes to michaela pereira. >> it's chocolate. >> reporter: i got really high there. that is not going to be eaten. >> i was robbed. i was robbed. it was politics. >> you're supposed to say i was just honored to be nominated. >> i say go with authentic. i showed up because i thought i was going to win. >> what a fun night for lupita, what a fun night for her brother. >> coming up on "new day," we're going to take you back to the crisis in ukraine. it's a battle about sovereignty but it's also a battle about east and west and russia. it could have an effect in the global economy and we're going to tell you why. [ garner ] there's a lot of beautiful makeup out there, but one is so clever that your skin looks better even after you take it off. neutrogena healthy skin liquid makeup. 98% saw improved skin. does your makeup d
and thunderstorms, gusts up to 60 miles per hour, enough energy in the lower atmosphere to twist a little. so we could see some waterspouts becoming coastal tornados. weak but something pretty wild. and rain, almost all day on saturday, too. so here's the deal. you put four to six inches of rain very quickly, i mean an inch an hour at times on the mountains, you're going to pick up close to a half foot in places like glendora, california, where they have had a fire recently, that's going to be an issue and that's where we find david wright this morning. >> reporter: good morning, ginger. this neighborhood just survived those winter wild fires a couple of weeks ago. now they're nervous about possible mudslides. as you can see the whole place looks like a fortress here bracing for what may come. it's california's worst drought in 150 years and the rains are coming. about to pose serious problems of their own. >> one thing after another. the fire was one thing but we've got another one right behind it. >> reporter: some areas that faced wildfires last month are now bracing for mudslides. >> a lot o
in from the south da not -- do not is so much red. here is the low and the moisture stream and the energy that will feed us the scattered showers in the afternoon. white out conditions. that is in lake tahoe the you can see how heavy the snow s our forecast shows shower and winds will cause delay. high surf at the beaches through tomorrow. >> two, a miserable morning on the roads. this is the bay bridge toll plaza with the metering lights on. it is raining. we have had major accidents. c.h.p. had 60 separate incidents happening at one point the delays on bart because of the problems in the transbay tube and ace train and capital corridor has delayed and roads finally are clear in oakland with the early fatal accident that is improving westbound 24 headed to 580. >> steady rain if the south bay caused flooding on the roads southbound 87 at taylor and only one lane is opened. a car stalled earlier in standing water and two people were trapped inside. they are out. >> it is raining in southern california where officials are concerned there could be dangerous mudslides in areas last bear by r
. energy costs soaring for many americans across the country. richelle carey is here with the very tough news. >> i know, it keeps getting worse john, this brutal winter has heat up all across the country. and the cost keeps rising, no matter what kind of heat you use. >> propane, natural gas, are higher, temperatures plunging demand for heating oil has soared, reaching new highs in some areas. >> last couple of years, consumers have been lulled into a safety net. this winter has hit with a bang. so consumers really weren't prepared for it. >> the residential price for propane is up 30% from a year ago. 5.5 million homes use propane. natural gas has jumped more than 20%. according to the census bureau about afl of u.s. households use natural gas as their home heating method. the bottom line, the average heating bill for an american family last year was $150. this year it is closer to $450. these increases are common in winter bit this has been an exceptionally cold season affecting so much of the country. the prices are under even more pressure. >> it really can't go on for much longer.
, and the energy is meeting cold air. look at st. louis. we have an earth camera to give you an idea what has been happening. a little bit of everything. snow, sleet, rain, freezing rain. and that's how the morning is going to go. snow eventually. more than 20 states in the midwest, northeast and mid-atlantic too that have a watch, advisory or warning. it's not just ice, but snow. and more than a half of a foot. as we get into march, it's feeling like lion. one look at one last map and give you an idea of what's happening across the country. that is the long-range outlook for march. yes, it says much colder for the folks who don't to want hear that. that's the big picture, now closer to home. >>> all the weather brought to you by orieda. i'm going to grab an umbrella and bring to rachel to so it matches her dress. >> so nice of you, ginger. >> thank you. >>> coming up on "gma," we're used to tears at the oscars, but it wasn't always this way. we're going to show you the most emotional oscar moments and the speeches that opened the flood gates. >>> and facebook buzzing about oscar. who would they p
stronger self control in the morning because we have more energy stored up. but as the day goes on our batteries tradrain and we look s ethical in our activities. >>> last night hollywood's biggest stars celebrated the biggest night the 86th annual academy awards. >> what were the best moments? we are stepping in with michael. you lucky duck. we saw the tweet, we saw the pizzas all of the dresses and of course the awards. what was the best part of last night? >> i got to tell you for me the best part was "12 years a slave" won. this has been a huge, huge film. hollywood has abysmal record awarding movies with african american experience. only the 2nd time in the 86 year history. besides it being a great movie and epic in its form the credit has to go with fox search life. it was a tough movie to watch, it was an important movie, and a lot of the aacademy members were reluctant to put the dvd in and watch it. for obvious reasons, it's tough. they went around this town with the headlines it's time. it plays into two things it is time to award a movie like this and also academy members it
a mention here is the focus we are seeing on the issue of the u.s. as an exporter of energy. i think the longer this spat over here goes on, the more we are going to hear about that u.s. issue here. of course, i just might add that europe has been trying to get off of its dependency on russian gas for quite awhile now, so this issue is height ended. >> if the conflict stays contained in crimea, does everything go away as far as investors are concerned? >> no. no. not at all. this is a geo-political issue. the crimea is an integral part of the ukraine. the prime minister said he is not going to give up the crimea without a fight. >> means the tension is unlikely to lessen any time soon. so, while the heart of the spat, this argument, this tension, if you like, might be confined to the crimean region, the repercussions elsewhere -- we have talked about a few of those just now -- are massive. so, the market is unlikely to turn a blind eye. bear in mind this is the 5th bigtest exporter in the world. we have talked about the gas supply t whether it is confined there or not, the geo-polit
with areas that might get impacted. europe relies on the ukraine for energy and food. they are an important producer of both of these things. are you concerned about the ripple effects? >> yes, it really starts with collateral damage there. some of the countries are in the cloak of crisis, the more that their stock prices are following. i think you pointed out a great point. emerging rockets both on the stock side and the on-site have been lacking for months. the silver lining is kind of like, the u.s. again becomes the strongest guy or gal, however you want to do, at the beach. things are stable here. the economy is growing. steve and i had someone say it charlie gasparino said that if i was an individual of his upmarket, with full on money money out. so i think that the market is in particular a bull market and it will not end until the conditions star in this. the economy is not too hot, it's not too slow. then we have the fed easing as well. gerri: it's great to have these conversations tonight. thank you so much for coming on. we appreciate all of you being here. thank you. and still t
handcrafted jewelry was creating positive energy and a life of purpose and meaning was infused into a corporate culture. there was a commitment to creating new jobs out of recycled metals, right here in america. and a bank that helped carolyn rafaelian's business grow from a rhode island storefront into a global sensation. that's the beauty of connecting a vision to an enterprise. that's bank of america. [ female announcer ] one drop of ultra dawn has twice the everyday grease-cleaning ingredients of one drop of the leading non-concentrated brand... to clean two times more greasy dishes. dawn does more, so it's not a chore. to clean two times more greasy dishes. ♪ see what's new ates more ♪ ♪ ♪ >> today in new york city, a few blocks from the world trade center, the trial began for osama bin ladin's son-in-law. they defined two people for obama's consigliere following the -11 attacks. abu gates could face life in prison. this trial comes four years after president obama tried to bring alleged mastermind khalid sheikh mohammed to trial in manhattan. even
this together and resist pressure on in terms of rising energy prices and also the threat of military force, that they can resist pressure from vladimir putin. he was strikingly passion nal having had the moving experience of walking by the square where the resistance took place, seeing the barricade still there, seeing the tires and barbed wire and flower for the martl mart martyrs, the heavenly hundred, all men and one woman who died in the sniper fire. it was an emotional day and business of trying to meet with interim leaders and tell them that the united states will stand with them $1 billion in loan guarantees. there has been some softening among the allies. here's you've got kerry and the president saying that vladimir putin will be isolated from the world economically and politically by his fans and by having operational control illegally says the united states in crimea. but putin was certainly defiant today taking questions for an hour and showing no sense of reality tomorrow. denying the troops were even in crimea. there's no sign that putin is taking note of this pressure from t
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an opportunity agenda that has four parts. number one, good jobs that pay good wages in manufacturing, energy, innovation, infrastructure. number two, train folks with the skills they need to get those good jobs, something that your senator al franken is doing great work on every single day. he cares a lot about the job training issue. number three, guaranteeing every child has access to a world class education. and number four, making sure that hard work is rewarded with wages you can live on, savings you can retire on, health care you can count on. that's what we're fighting for. minnesota is helping to lead the way on these issues. your state legislature is poised to raise your minimum wage this year. in my state of the union address i call for a new women's economic agenda. it's actually a family economic agenda, equal pay for equal work, paid sick leave and more, and there are leaders in your state legislature that are working hard at this because they know when women succeed, america succeeds. >> obama talking jobs and investing in america for the long haul. we turn now though to a woma
was questioned and then to do romantic and sci-fi and loaded energy. i like going from thing to thing and looking at it slightly differently. lex do you get to pick out the non-original music used? i loved the country music that clooney had on his radio the entire time. >> certainly that song, that was there from the script that all funds oh had found. we tried a few things during the process but it seems a perfect for the character. songswere huge amount of where the late 1980's and 1990's. they were written in the script and they had a meaning to the story. so it varies. a lot of the things are done very early and my job is to go around them and make it as seamless as possible. >> have you ever been in the situation you just did not like the film personally? how involved in the store and you have to be to get the best it is a go with it? >> weird thing in that you can always find something at you like about them. you find something to love in anything. only a few years back you might look back and say oh. you are trying to make it the best it can possibly be. >> what is next? after winning an
or better coordination. interests are precisely aligned. europeans have a much deeper energy relationship with russia, which bounds the ability to center into an economic scenario with russia. >> you mentioned this earlier. explained the hydrocarbon linkage between russia, ukraine, and germany. >> russia is incredibly dependent on oil and gas exports. a large fraction go through pipelines to the european union, which gets about 30% of its gas consumption directly from russian suppliers. that is by far the most important economic relationship in that part of the world. >> the map of the hydrocarbons looks like your hockey road trip over the weekend. like everything goes through the ukraine. that is the issue. verythink we have to be careful in how we describe cold war versus hot war. clearly an issue in which the u.s. and russia will have to come to an understanding or there could be a very serious conflict right on the border of europe. the idea of a russian invasion could turn very ugly very quickly. a solution has to be found quickly. >> i continue to wonder. of the 56 billion that flow
with the government. he writes in his letter this year about renewable energy. one of his utilities has invested $15 billion in, mainly in windmills. and he's saying, i'm counting on regulators, essentially to force americans to buy that st so, there is good capitalism and there is sort of crony government capitalism, and i think buffett is a little bit of both. >> but you know, ira, warren buffett is hardly the only wealthy investor who is banking on government goodies here. i mean, a lot of the reason why large corporations and why banks are doing so well is because of favorable tax treatment and subsidies and goodies that they get from the government. >> i think that's true, and i think that people need to watch out for that. and it applies to buffett as well. >> ira stole, thank you very much. >>> up next right here at the table, star of film and tv, michael vartan on his new role in "bates motel," the prequel to a hitchcock classic. nice morning, scott? aye, or...a mornin' of tiny voices crying out, "feed us -- we've awakened from our long winter's nap and we're peckish to the point of starvin'
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's a different kind of energy. it has the town live and ready. >> now the question on everyone's mind, can wichita state go all the way. >> no one would ever in their right mind say we're going to be at 30-0 at some point this season. >> the basketball team is clearly successful, but the university itself is feeling what they call the final four effect. according to the school's president, applications for enrollment are up 86% from last year. we saw the same thing happen to butler a few years back. it's a good time to be a shockers fan because the women's team is also doing very well. >> that's impressive. you clearly haven't been watching the show this morning. >> my fault. >> i do love you, though. it's okay. >> they have this guy on this team that has a ridiculous vertical. >>> there she is waving at us out there in hollywood. on the red carpet which she is well suited to be on. >> you're the small guard. >> i wasn't a super small guard because of my girth, but i was a small guard. we've been talking about the rain, but the whole reason we're out here in california is talk about the os
biscuit kind of thing. >> you know how food and energy translates into performance, right? in the classroom, at practice, at games. what does this mean to the kids for you to get behind this program? >> it means a lot. it's good to build awareness around something like this because i know when i was growing up, breakfast wasn't even a big part of my day. i may try to eat at school. but if i didn't eat at school, if i was running late, i wouldn't eat 'til 12:30, 1:00 o'clock. it's great to get kids excited about it and get the right protein and nutrients. >> i got a feeling some kids will be seeing you serving breakfast to them a little later, aren't they? >> ps school number 75 and along with this initiative, i donated $10,000 in breakfast grants of my own money and 2,000 of those dollars is going to school ps number 75. i'll be there getting kids excited about breakfast. >> and so that should be great. a lot of those kids who are yawning at 11:00 o'clock or 1:00 o'clock, actually they have nothing in their system. so that's one thing to get them started. one of the last t
. many of those workers moved into the energy sector or just plain retired. but the sense is right now with plenty of new projects in the pipeline this will be the best year since 2010. >> we are in more mature cycle. there is less construction but at the same time there's a lot more than there was two years ago. so there is less construction at the peak of the boom which makes us believe that this will be a longer cycle. >> reporter: and here at icon bay, once it is complete and living here. look at view. that is miami beach in the background. biscayne bay below you. we saw amenities other day? how good are things in south florida? right now there are 100 high-rise crain permits still pending. jenna? jenna: nice view. definitely good view. location, location, location. phil, thank you. jon: fox news alert. we're taking you out to southern california where they are trying to rescue a man and a dog from the los angeles river. we told you about how rain is finally hitting los angeles and really all of california after months of terrible drought. the los angeles river usually not much of
is the second largest producer of energy. >>> around the country, including in san francisco, ukrainian americans have taken to the streets to protest russia's actions. >>> ukrainians and supporters staged a protest outside of the russian consulate in the pacific heights neighborhood. they say it's upsetting to see what's happening to their country. >> they want a piece of land. it's because of the politics and money, of course, they will never say it. they will try to find other ways to explain why there are russian troops right now in creme -- in crimea. >>> let's check in with sal, see if everyone is banking on the roads. you -- behaving on the roads. you are watching highway 24. >> yes. highway 24, we'll start right there. the drive time there is about 20 minutes which is most of it waiting here in la fayette. if you get on the road a little bit farther up, it should be less. between walnut creek interchange and the tunnel, counting all of the slowdowns you have the drive time of 20, maybe less than that. it's definitely more than 10 if you are counting minutes here. let's move alon
so there's cushion there. this is why our own energy independence is so critical at this point. we're importing the least amount of oil we have in almost 20 years. we're one year away or two years away from being the world's biggest oil producer because of these shield formations in the northern part of this country. we can withstand any serious disruption or even price spikes of oil because of what is going on in the ukraine. jenna: and that's interesting because we're seeing germany and other european countries, they're concerned about what could mean for their economy, what kind of actions we all take, if we do, against russia. always great to see you. thank you. >> thanks. jon: it's been more than a year in the making but the oscar pistorius murder trial is underway now in south africa. the former olympian known as blade run other trial for the valentine's day death of his girlfriend. we will break down the first day of testimony for you. [ male announcer ] meet mary. she loves to shop onne with her debit card. and does bill, an identity thie who stole mary identity, took over
the caffeinated energy drinks. >> have you had that stuff? >> well, you are in pluto in a nano second. >> and you are banned from having one. >> he had one in the commercial. >> if i one have now, i won't fall asleep up till sunday night. that stuff is good. drink it. >> oh, no. >> and you did spelunk, and joseph a. bank and abrams. >> well, it is interesting in light of the not large deal, but with we see so few hostiles out there at this point, it is intere interesting to follow the back and forth on joseph a. bank. i don't know if we have the graphics ready that we like to put together. all right. anybody want to say anything in my ear and let me know whether that is the case. >> what happened to the great eddie bauer idea? >> well, it is out there, and in fact, joseph a. bank, and do it here if they decide to engage or reject 63.50 from men's warehouse, and to engage, and then they put out a press release this morning, great, we are ready to engage. and a number of people are more positive on the prospects that you will get a potential deal here, and having spoken to any number of riskarbs an
's our job to make sure that it does. using natural gas this power plant can produce enough energy for about 600,000 homes. generating electricity that's cleaner and reliable, with fewer emissions-- it matters. ♪ >>> good morning to you. 7:26, i'm peggy bunker. b.a.r.t. hopes to have service restored any moment now the stations have been closed all morning long. "today in the bay" live in hayward with an update. how are we doing for commuters? >> reporter: great news. good morning. just a couple of minutes ago we heard the station agent yell the words "okay," but we heard the crowd go while. a minute ago, gates rolled up, and we saw commuters able to get back into the south hayward b.a.r.t. station after a very long, rough commute, overnight a trespasser killed on the b.a.r.t. tracks and an investigation halted b.a.r.t. service through union city, south hayward. they'd have to make their way to the bayfair station to get into the city but that has changed. again, stations back open. we also saw her put up a sign on the area where you pay, and it said, free marking. maybe that's a
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